There was a graduate student workshop "Hydrogen Bonds between the Disciplines" preceding the conference, on September 11-12. Its program can be downloaded here.
Support for the workshop was provided by the "German-Russian Interdisciplinary Science Center" (Russian and German PhD students) and by the DFG research training group on "Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Molecular Coils and Aggregates" (Goettingen and International PhD students, who stayed for the conference).

Similar satellite workshops were offered at the Berlin, Roskilde, Repino and Paris conferences. They combine the possibility of presenting your PhD thesis research to your peers in an informal atmosphere with a few introductory lectures by senior scientists.

The following introductory lectures were offered:

David Benoit
Weak hydrogen bonds – An anharmonic perspective

Elena V. Boldyreva
Variable-temperature and variable-pressure studies of hydrogen bonds in molecular crystals

Alexander Nemukhin
Modeling hydrogen-bonded biomolecular systems by the quantum-mechanics-molecular mechanics (QM/MM) methods

Daniel Sebastiani
Hydrogen bonding and proton mobility -- wife and husband -- characterized by ab-initio molecular dynamics simulations and spectroscopy

To identify the lecturers at the workshop and beyond, see the photo gallery.

Workshop Registration

Registration for the workshop is closed, however you may find the old registration and abstract submission form here.