Göttingen can be conveniently reached by high speed trains (ICE) from other German and European destinations, including the closest airports of Hannover and Frankfurt. When flying into or out of Germany, remember to check Rail-and-Fly options of your carrier for inexpensive flat rate train connections to and from Göttingen.

Within Göttingen, you can either take a Taxi to North Campus (about 10€) or use a GöVB bus (lines 8 and 12 run from the railway station, line 5 connects many hotels to the North Campus, a ticket valid for 4 trips costs 6.50€, a single trip 2.00€, a weekly ticket 14.20€). A detailed description can be found here.
Click here for an electronic journey planner for travel within Göttingen (and Lower Saxony).

Click here for a schematic map of Göttingen, locating some important spots (hotels, bus stations).

Physics building

The conference will take place in the new Physics building at Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1... and around the lecture hall “Max-Born-Hörsaal”

Lecture Hall
Space for poster presentations

There is ample space for extended poster presentations and discussions next to the lecture hall.