The Logo


The conference logo (designed by Matthias Heger) shows the "Gänseliesel" (goose-guarding young girl called Elisabeth), a symbol of Göttingen in general and of its PhD ceremony in particular. After being awarded their PhD, the students (semi-legally) climb the Gänseliesel fountain near the old city hall, offer the bronze statue a bouquet of flowers and kiss her mouth. This makes her one of the most-kissed young (well - actually it is 110 years old...) girls in the world. The Göttingen "Gänseliesel" holds a goose close to its wings by her stretched-out arm, a symbol for a hydrogen bond with its orienting power and strong but not permanent grip. The logo also symbolizes the central role which this conference wants to assign to the young research students, in organizing a satellite workshop and extended poster sessions where they can present their work. Its text elements should help to memorize the conference website address,

The typeface used for the 'H-Bond' is the 'Automatica' font created by Brian Kent; the 'Göttingen 2011' is set in the 'ArmWrestler' font by AJ Paglia. The logo was crafted using the POV-Ray raytracer and Moray scene modeling software ( and finished using Paint.NET.