This regular conference series was initiated in 1977 in Poland (Chair: L. Sobczyk), 20 years after the first conference devoted entirely to hydrogen bonding in Ljubljana (Chair: D. Hadzi). It was followed by 17 similar meetings in western and eastern Europe. Göttingen (2011) is the fourth Horizons conference site in Germany, after Munich (1978), Marburg (1985), and Berlin (2003). Since the meeting in Berlin, the conference is preceded by a workshop organized by and for graduate students. During 1-2 days, they are introduced to the topic by a few introductory lectures and given the chance to discuss and present their most recent research results to their peers.

Recent and planned conferences:

No. Date     Place (Chair)      
XIV 03.09.-07.09.2001 Turin, Italy (G. Gilli, P. Ugliengo)
XV 16.09.-21.09.2003 Berlin, Germany (H. H. Limbach)
XVI 30.08.-04.09.2005 Roskilde, Denmark (P. E. Hansen)
XVII 02.08.-08.08.2007 Repino, Russia (K. Tokhadze)
XVIII     13.09.-18.09.2009     Paris, France (M.C. Bellissent-Funel)
XIX 12.09.-17.09.2011 Göttingen, Germany (M. Suhm)
XX 15.09.-20.09.2013 Antwerp, Belgium (W. Herrebout)
Wroclaw, Poland (Z. Latajka)